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Dyno Tuning Animation

Intense Motorsports in-house Dyno Tuning utilizes the Dynojet Automotive.The large drum diameters provide a virtually flat, stable surface for tire contact, eliminating unnecessary slippage and tire deformation. The result is precise, repeatable results every time.

With its durable steel construction and high-inertia drums, the Dynojet Dyno can accurately diagnose performance or driveability problems in vehicles with anywhere from 20 to 1800 Hp at the drive wheels.

Dyno runs can be done at speeds up to 180mph, providing safe, reliable road testing right in the shop. This makes the Automotive Dynamometer ideal for performance enthusiasts.

With a quick vehicle mounting time, the Dynojet Dyno allows us to measure, record, and diagnose performance problems quickly. Our interface hardware and evaluation software automatically correct for altitude and atmospheric conditions, producing consistent, easily interpretable power graphs.




The most comprehensive tune-up procedure offered for your car.

Computer Diagnostics
latest technology diagnostic equipment for your car.

Protect your family, protect yourself! We are an automobile repair and service that specializes in brake services.

Mufflers-Exhaust Systems
Need a new muffler? Stop by
Manny's Complete Automotive Repair for a quieter car.

     A/C Service & Repair 
     Oil/Fluid Changes
     Transmission Repair 
     Electrical Work 
     Scheduled Maintenance 

Manny's Automotive specialize in all types of automotive repair, from the most simple tune-up to the most complex suspension and engine work,  these and other services to your automobile.
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Seriously improve the power of your car and get better fuel economy!   Yes you can have both!